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An interview with the Mythbusters

After 14 years of challenging commonly held beliefs and movie scenes, MythBusters television show has come to a close. The series uses scientific method to test the validity of rumours, myths, ...

Behind the hype

Most engineers want to get their hands on a 3D printer, and the hype behind the sector is as strong as ever. But, how does the world’s premier manufacture of machines view future prospects?

Ahead in the cloud

Using the cloud has emerged as a standard IT option, but true cloud-based CAD has been sniffed at in the past by the design community. Its time has come, or so believes Jon Hirschtick, founder and ...

Life in the fast lane

The off track race to analyse data within Formula One plays as big a role as the drivers fighting it out on track. Justin Cunningham chats to David Coulthard about the changes he has seen since ...

Expert on the ball

Industrial designers can sometimes get a bad press - too much style with not enough substance. On the whole this is ill-deserved according to Alistair Williamson, managing director of Lucid ...

Link for the future

Children need to be introduced to engineering if they are to be excited by it, and this introductory role - a bridge between engineers and schools - is being filled by STEMNET. Tim Fryer asked chief ...

Sky's the limit

As the new CEO of GKN Aerospace settles in, we ask what is likely to change under his tenure and if he can sustain its enormous success of recent years.

Inspiring start

The trick is to catch them early! An engineering career could start in the very early years and the Primary Engineer programme aims to provide this early spark. Tim Fryer spoke to the scheme's ...

Simulating success

While it was Peter Poon, founder and chairman, who physically picked up last year's BEEAs Consultancy of the Year and Grand Prix awards, it is his son Andy Poon who, as CEO of Romax Technology, is ...

Meet the maker - the man behind the maker moverment

Changing the way people perceive engineering and getting more out of engineers is all in a day’s work if you’re a leading light of the maker movement. Justin Cunningham finds out what all the fuss ...

What makes the creature crawl?

As we start the hunt for industry's finest for this year's British Engineering Excellence Awards, Tim Fryer talked to Mike Franklin, Designer of the Year in 2014, to find out what makes a winner.

Innovation Cultivation: Interview with Ric Parker

When you are charged with cultivating innovation for one of the world's most prestigious engineering organisations, you need to be sure that you're able to match bright ideas with customer needs.

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