Adhesives / Sealants

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Odour free cutting fluids

Henkel has developed two innovative, water-miscible, bactericide-free, odour-free cutting fluids that are easy to use, reduce health risks, and implement prospective EU Biocides Regulations.

Techsil’s Thixo Gel for Electronics

With five times the thermal conductivity of normal RTV silicones, Techsil's RTV3080 thixo gel offers many benefits for electronic applications such as ECU's, Power Steering Modules and Power ...

PU sealant protects surfaces

Clearlok Polyurethane Sealant from Birchwood Casey provides a clear, hard, high gloss protective finish over trivalent zinc chromate finishes without significant dimensional change.

New guide to adhesive cure

Given that the use of adhesives for structural bonding is on the increase and that there is a corresponding need for greater awareness of the issues involved, understanding how this works is ...

See ‘red’ with DYMAX

DYMAX's Ultra-Red fluorescing adhesive technology is based on the fact that many plastics naturally fluoresce blue under UV light – this minimizes the inspection advantages of using blue-fluorescing ...

Insulative adhesive wards off shocks

Polymer System EP31 has been developed by Master Bond. This two-part system features extraordinary adhesion with a lap shear strength exceeding 4,600 psi, a peel strength surpassing 40 pli, a tensile ...

Silicone cures to depth in seconds

Intertronics has launched Dymax Cure-Point 9440-A/B silicone, which it says cures to depth in seconds upon exposure to UV/visible light, providing protection to electronic components and circuitry.

Fibre reinforced epoxy resin

Comprised of an aramid fibre reinforced epoxy adhesive, for high performance structural bonding, Master Bond says its EP30R features 'outstanding dimensional stability' and enhanced impact resistance.

Strong fibre reinforced epoxy resin

Comprised of an aramid fibre reinforced epoxy adhesive, Master Bond says its EP30R features outstanding dimensional stability and enhanced impact resistance.