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Precision move pallet system conveyor

Dorner has released its latest pallet traffic management system, the 2200 Precision Move Pallet System. With a pin tracking system and a 24Vdc drive mechanism to guide pallets through 90° turns, and ...

Advanced dynamics on a large scale

Festo has launched the EXCH handler, a large scale handling system, which provides positioning and motion control in assembly applications such as high speed palletising, pick and place, laser and ...

Independently Steerable Pulley

Belt Technologies has developed a pulley system for independently steering flat belts while allowing for on-the-fly tracking adjustments. The system provides a solution to tracking problems ...

Clever air curtain management

Airtècnics presents the CLEVER advanced control, an intelligent control system for air curtains that adapts the performance of the air curtain to the entrance conditions.

Linear guides offer higher dynamic load

Due to increased industry demands, linear guides must be suitable for fast applications, offer increased operational lifetime and cope with higher loads. The precision NH and NS series linear guides ...

Precise fluid pumping

Beinlich's DARTec and VISCO.pump deliver fluids both precisely and with very low pulsations. Although the pumping technologies are different, they are suited to dispense fluids such as glues, ...

Easy to build manufacturing cell

MiniTec's flexible manufacturing cell will be used in The Proving Factory's recently opened assembly facility in Coventry.

Roller solutions turret punch presses

Mate Precision Tooling has introduced Roller Solutions Tooling, a family of tools that allow fabricators to create rib, shear, offset and pincher features in sheet metal.

Moulding the Future

Synrad CO2 lasers fitted with injection moulding cells are said to have improved the output of a precision moulding company.

Fully customisable modular transfer system

The mk WTU 2010 is a modular transfer system for material flow or assembly automation process enabling safe transfer of pallets via timing belt, chain or accumulating roller chain conveyor.

Easy to use liquid flow controller

Titan Enterprises' batch control device, Metra-Batch, gives easy to use, precise control to flowmeters or machinery with pulse or frequency outputs.

Assembly tools slash energy chain opening times

Tribo-polymer specialist igus has designed five new specialist tools for opening its energy chains, which it says cuts the manual work time to open a metre length of chain from 33 seconds to just two.