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NSKHPS bearing range expanded

NSK has expanded its NSKHPS series of high performance standard bearings in line with demand for reduced maintenance costs and more compact industrial machinery. NSK claims its NSKHPS bearings are ...

Roller bearing enhances rail efficiency

SKF has launched a new tapered roller bearing unit for passenger railway applications, which it says boosts bearing service life by up to 40% compared to existing solutions.

Angular contact ball bearings from SKF

SKF has developed a double row angular contact ball bearing, suitable for use in trucks and agricultural applications ranging from pulleys, fan hubs and seeding planters to disc harrows and other ...

Bearings up to 1.5m available on short lead times

UK bearing manufacturer Revolvo is bucking the current trend of limited availability in large bearing sizes and offering both standard and bespoke bearings on very competitive lead times.

Timken bearings return to Mars

Timken bearings landed on Mars last month as NASA landed its largest rover to date, Curiosity. Timken bearings support critical functions onboard the robot such as instruments including a spectrum ...

Winkel bearings handle higher loads

Winkel combined bearings from HepcoMotion. Continuous development makes them the superior choice for loads from 10kg to 100 tonnes.