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TR launches new Hummel cable glands

TR Fastenings announces further product expansion with the launch of a new premium range of Hummel cable glands, an important addition to its growing plastic & rubber hardware portfolio.

EMS to supply new stepper motor

?Electro Mechanical Systems (EMS) Ltd has announced that it will offer the latest product in the Faulhaber range. The DM66200H series of hollow shaft stepper motors boasts a new direct drive ...

New valves used in ventilators

A new generation of versatile and innovative three-port solenoid valves which offer the combination of high flow rates, low leakage and low power consumption in a miniature 10mm package and are ...

What More UK doubles production of PPE parts

Following last month's announcement that the Altham based manufacturer would be making 60,000 parts a week, What More UK has now promised to double production up to 120,000 parts per week.

PA-Sanitized materials fight bacteria

??Every day people move from one place to another. While doing so, they touch and contaminate a variety of surfaces which means that bacteria and germs are spread and can be transmitted to other ...

Small, mighty compact gripper

OnRobot, a producer of robotic end-of-arm tooling, has launched the VGC10 compact electric vacuum gripper, that is designed to addresses the demand for a small, powerful and highly configurable ...

IMO opens sales office in the UK

The German IMO Group, a designer and manufacturer of slewing rings and self-contained slew drives, has been selling to the UK market for years. To be closer to its customers, IMO has opened a sales ...

Clean bore ultrasonic flowmeters for lab experiments

According to Titan Enterprises, the rugged, clean bore construction of its Atrato ultrasonic flowmeter range suits them for a range of low flow laboratory applications and makes them easy to clean ...

Measuring flow of low viscosity fluids

Based on a radial flow technique, Titan Enterprises turbine flowmeter range provides a way to accurately measure the flow of low viscosity liquids.

The new Eplan Platform version 2.7 is now available

The platform’s system for consistent digitisation and an interdisciplinary focus for engineering processes allow data to be continually enhanced along the entire value chain process. Nineteen ...

Process ready ultrasonic flowmeter

Designed to IP65 standards the Process Atrato ultrasonic flowmeter from Titan Enterprises is built for use in demanding process and control environments.

Batch controller for flowmeters

Titan Enterprises’ batch controller, Metra-Batch, is specifically designed for flowmeters or machinery with pulse or frequency outputs.

Laser machining made easy

LG Motion, designer and manufacturer of motion control products and systems, has released CAD/CAM software from Polaris which enables a machine operator to design parts, import part files run by the ...

World's most powerful synchronous drum motor

Automation firm Interroll has launched a powerful synchronous drum motor for belt conveyor systems. The motor has an output of up to 1.1kW, torque up to 100Nm and allows for belt speeds up to 3.34m/s.

ANSYS 18.1 expands pervasive engineering simulation

ANSYS is continuing to build upon the digital exploration and digital prototyping capabilities released in ANSYS 18 with the release of ANSYS 18.1. The software is said to enable organisations to ...