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New valves used in ventilators

A new generation of versatile and innovative three-port solenoid valves which offer the combination of high flow rates, low leakage and low power consumption in a miniature 10mm package and are ...

Customise your cables

To help customers to design a custom cable solution, Pickering Interfaces now offers the Cable Design Tool.

Relay away from power

ABB has launched the ‘true’ self-powered REJ603 relay designed for selective short circuit and earth fault protection of feeders in secondary distribution networks and for the protection of small ...

Reliable route for efficient pumps and fans

Reliability has been the principle design consideration when designing the new FR-F800 inverter. Mitsubishi Electric’s latest product is designed to work with fans and pumps and is claimed to offer ...

Ultra-fast data transmission in harsh environments

Three series of Category 6 Ethernet connectors from Amphenol are now available through TTI. Amphenol's Socapex RJ Field Cat 6 interconnects feature a data rate of 1Gbyte/s under 250MHz.They are ...

Next generation NAMUR valve range

Festo has launched a new generation of NAMUR valves; the VSNC valves are modern, durable and available at a lower cost than previous models.

Wireless I/O unit

The Wireless business division of steute presented its I/O unit enabling existing mechanical switching devices, such as cam switches in machine tools, to be integrated into wireless systems.

Intelligent universal servo drives

Motor Technology's range of ARS 2000 SE servo drives can be installed and configured on a variety of applications. They can be used universally as they automatically identify motor parameters and ...

All-in-one universal transmitter

Commercial sensing technologies are available in a variety of electrical formats, connector types, ranges, materials, supply voltages and output signals, sometimes needing multiple sensor types for ...