Fastening & Joining

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Fasteners for thin metal or pc board assemblies

The expanded range of patented PEM R'ANGLE fasteners is said to provide efficient and reliable methods to create permanent right-angle attachment points in thin metal assemblies or printed circuit ...

Self locking latch range

Protex Fasteners says that ease-of-use, versatility and security are the key features of its 75 series over-centre latches - the latest additions to the company's medium duty latch range.

Silicone cures to depth in seconds

Intertronics has launched Dymax Cure-Point 9440-A/B silicone, which it says cures to depth in seconds upon exposure to UV/visible light, providing protection to electronic components and circuitry.

New rivet for double flush assembly

As electronic applications have become smaller and smaller it has become one of the challenges of fastening to create a rivet which when placed is flush on both sides that is small enough for these ...

PEM panel fasteners provide fixed screw solutions

PEM panel fasteners designed specifically for tool-only access applications provide fixed screw solutions for a new EC machinery directive imposing strict safety requirements for machine guarding and ...

Fibre reinforced epoxy resin

Comprised of an aramid fibre reinforced epoxy adhesive, for high performance structural bonding, Master Bond says its EP30R features 'outstanding dimensional stability' and enhanced impact resistance.

Strong fibre reinforced epoxy resin

Comprised of an aramid fibre reinforced epoxy adhesive, Master Bond says its EP30R features outstanding dimensional stability and enhanced impact resistance.

Shaft connections for high misalignment

A range of universal joints for machinery applications is available on the Techdrives website. Suiting shafts from 6 to 50mm, these universal joints allow much higher angular misalignments than ...

Threadlocking adhesives upgraded

To meet the requirements of engineers and designers and to facilitate use on a wider selection of substrates, Henkel has improved the formulations of two of its most popular threadlocking adhesives.

Ultra Red fluorescing adhesives

Adhesive specialist, Intertronics, is incorporating Ultra-Red fluorescing technology into many DYMAX adhesives, with a view to offering assemblers advantages in plastics fabrication.

Low profile foot mounting brackets

Item has introduced a new bracket which accommodates a central M16 threaded hole to suit any M16 knuckle foot with an 80mm base diameter.

Hand tools ease fastener installation

A new range of hand tools from Tappex Thread Inserts has been designed to ease the installation of self tapping fasteners for plastics and metal alloys.

Heavy duty ball bearing hinge

Item has introduced a heavy duty 'Ball Bearing Hinge 8 40x40' for the Item Line-8 aluminium profile machine construction kit.

Snap Line technology for hinge

Dirak Modular Hardware System's new concealed hinge features Snap-Line technology which means that there are no tools or mounting hardware required for installation.

Flame retardant elastic adhesive

Global adhesive manufacturers ThreeBond has launched a flame retardant version of its TB1530 series 1-component moisture curing elastic adhesives.