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Clean bore ultrasonic flowmeters for lab experiments

According to Titan Enterprises, the rugged, clean bore construction of its Atrato ultrasonic flowmeter range suits them for a range of low flow laboratory applications and makes them easy to clean ...

Measuring flow of low viscosity fluids

Based on a radial flow technique, Titan Enterprises turbine flowmeter range provides a way to accurately measure the flow of low viscosity liquids.

Process ready ultrasonic flowmeter

Designed to IP65 standards the Process Atrato ultrasonic flowmeter from Titan Enterprises is built for use in demanding process and control environments.

World's most powerful synchronous drum motor

Automation firm Interroll has launched a powerful synchronous drum motor for belt conveyor systems. The motor has an output of up to 1.1kW, torque up to 100Nm and allows for belt speeds up to 3.34m/s.

Easy programming precision dosing pump

Verderflex has released the Vantage 5000, an advanced next generation peristaltic pump system with touch screen technology and intuitive operating system.

Faster liquid handling for OEM applications

Tecan has launched the Cavro Omni Flex to make it quicker and easier for manufacturers to develop instruments for advanced liquid handling applications. The Cavro Omni Flex is claimed to extend the ...

Precise, hygienic and dynamic switching and control

Bürkert has expanded its range of electromotive process valves to include diaphragm valves. The Type 3323 shut-off valve and the Type 3363 control valve are two additions to Bürkert’s line ...

Smaller, faster, easier pumping

The Viking Motor Speed pump, from Michael Smith Engineers, is designed to run at higher speeds and deliver increased flows resulting in a more cost-effective pumping solution requiring less space and ...

Flowmeters for critical applications

For critical flow measurements, Titan Enterprises has established itself as a leading manufacturer of off-the-shelf meters or fully bespoke OEM flow systems for challenging applications.

Instant pneumatic cylinder configuration

IMI Precision Engineering has launched an online configuration service – supporting more than 60 native CAD formats - aimed at enabling design engineers to instantly configure fluid and motion ...

Smart flow measurement

ABB has expanded its range of Coriolis flowmeters by adding the FCB400, featuring a new electronics platform offering users the option of up to five, freely-configurable communication outputs. ...

New benchmark for standard valves

Festo has extended its range of VUVS and VUVG standard single valve technologies with the launch of its ‘blue star’ VUVS-LK…-S and VUVG-LK…-S products. These valves have been designed to meet a wide ...

Economically efficient power recovery

Lenze has unveiled the Smart Energy Recovery r700, said to take power recovery to new levels of economic efficiency, practicality and simplicity. Available in two power versions: 12/24 and 26/48kW it ...

3 way valves for CLASSIC and ELEMENT actuators

Bürkert has released two 3 way seat valves, the Type 2006 which consists of a pneumatically operated CLASSIC actuator and a 3 way valve body, and the Type 2106 that consists of a pneumatically ...