Power Systems

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Stober SDS5000 servo drives

The Stober Servo platform is based on realtime Ethernet communications to couple controllers and its drive technology, with a preference for open standards with wide market acceptance.

Gear heat treatment for toughening up your teeth

Internationally certificated for all heat treatment processes, with the options of metallurgical inspection by its UKAS accredited in-house testing service, Keighley Laboratories has experience of ...

Truly-Endless Polyurethane Timing Belts

Optibelt has extended its AlphaFlex range of truly-endless polyurethane timing-belts to include pitches T5, T10, AT5, AT10 & AT20 in lengths up to 12,000mm and widths up to 100mm.

The right coupling for power transmission

jbj Techniques Limited provides probably the widest range of couplings available within the UK with 14 different designs and 22 different styles in its gear couplings alone.

New models for inverter series

NORD Drivesystems will shortly add new models to its SK 500E series of cabinet-mounted frequency inverters: The new size 7 inverters cover rated motor outputs between 30 and 37 kW.

ETH sets new standards

The series of ET electro-thrust cylinders has been completely redesigned and enhanced. It now offers improved power density, in other words high forces and small frame sizes.

New low power oscillators

Euroquartz has released two new ranges of low power oscillators in miniature surface mount packages.

High pressure relief valve

A high pressure relief valve for low pressure instrumentation applications up to 400PSI (27.6 bar) has been launched by the Instrumentation Products Division of Parker Hannifin.

Control valves suited to additive injection

Liquids handling specialists Pump Engineering is offering a range of Badger Meter control valves designed to enable the precise control of liquids and gases in challenging applications and demanding ...

Digital combination lock

FDB Panel Fittings has introduced a lock system for equipment cabinets and personnel access doors. The Digital Combination Lock (IP54) is battery operated allowing the user immediate and simple ...

High performance hydraulic tank filters

The Hydraulic Filter Division Europe of in motion and control technologies specialist, Parker Hannifin is launching a new range of tank top mounted return line filters designed to increase ...

Precision gears from Ondrives

A new range of power transmission parts, including precision gears, timing pulleys and belts along with sprockets and chains.