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Low cost embeddable accelerometers

PCB Piezotronics, a world leader in vibration, acoustic, pressure, force and torque sensors, has launched a new range of low cost miniature accelerometers that can be embedded into a wide variety of ...

Frost protection of pipes

As winters in the UK become more extreme, the freezing of condensate pipes from gas boilers becomes a major problem.

British OEM Thermal Gas Mass Flowmeter

Chell's CMF flowmeter has ranges from 0-10 cm3/min to 0-100 litre/min and first deliveries have an overall specification of +/-3% Full Scale, including temperature coefficients for ambient and gas ...

Find the missing piece...

Anixter Component Solutions ' Product Catalogue 45 is now available. With over 2,000 new product lines the catalogue provides 300 pages of comprehensive product information, making it an ideal tool.

2D and 3D Sensing with Leuze

Imagine a sensor which provides a data stream of 376 measurements across an object up to 800mm wide and 800mm away.

Accelerometer is best-in-class

The Kistler Type 8688A series instrument grade triaxial accelerometers are ideal for use in a multitude of R&D and OEM applications where high-precision, low-frequency measurements and ...

Premo unveils Hall Effect sensors

Premo introduces a new series of Hall Effect sensors called the SY series. The new product has been designed for a double supply voltage of ±12 to ±18VDC.

Quick disconnects mean easier hook-ups

SQDC quick disconnects, designed to speed up gas turbine data acquisition, are fully tested from -50 to 325 degC and, with built-in locking device, for vibration to D0160F.

Extended stands improve testing

Mecmesin has just launched new longer test stand for improved determination of break strength and elongation when testing rubber and film samples.

Analysing slurry size on line

A new publication co-authored by experts from Malvern Instruments and specialist mineral processing technology provider Outotec, examines how minerals processing can be made more efficient and ...

efector valvis goes AS-i

Efector valvis from ifm electronic now incorporates AS-i is an inductive sensor using seamless detection over a stroke of 80mm to provide switchpoints for the valve in Open, Closed or Seat Lift ...

Novel torque transducer technology

A patented torque and force transducer technology called Pulsed Current Modulated Encoding (PCME) that offers exceptional performance even in extreme temperatures and harsh environmental conditions ...

Penny + Giles extends sensor range

Following the launch of its NRH280DP dual-output 'non contact' rotary position sensor in 2010, Penny + Giles has expanded its range with the introduction of a dual redundant output version.

Transmitters offer pressures up to 6,000bar

Impress Sensors and Systems has launched a range of stainless steel ultra high pressure transmitters that are suitable for a wide range of applications, including hydraulic circuits, water jet ...

Distance measuring from 20mm to 300m from Leuze

Leuze electronic's extensive range of distance measurement sensors means that it has the perfect solution whether you're looking for micron accuracy over a few millimetres or millimetre accuracy at ...

More miniature sensors

Launched about a year ago, the O7 range of miniature photoelectric sensors, from market leader ifm electronic, was initially only available in PNP versions.